IMPORTANT NOTICE: Mojang killed the legacy skin server at ( since this Monday (Feb 12, 2018) I'm unable to serve player skins properly because of their shitty rate limiting on their API ( thus meaning I'm forced to either live with steves or shutdown this API. Probably in the future this Skin API will become private to reduce traffic from referrers. Websites which uses RightAwake's MC Query are not affected. I'm very sorry if it happens on your website, blame Mojang for that.


  • MC-Heads

    Thanks to Mister_Fix for the name->uuid service

  • -----------------------------

  • Minotar

    Minotar was made by clone1018 (PHP legacy code)

TNTUP's Personal Space


Testing new Half Body here. HEY! You scared me! Wheres my rest of my body?? D: I CANT WALK!!! :'(

Positive SSL

Based on by clone1018 forked from his Github repo. Based on PHP (Legacy code) and customized by TNTUP :)